Are any of you aware of any services that will produce for you a flashy high quality lyric video? I see them for modern aggressive style music all the time on the old youtube. Or do any of you guys produce them as a hobby? I have a song that I will be releasing soon and Id love to have a cool looking video to go with it. Ill attach a couple examples:



Its all good if you guys dislike the music- im really just concerned with the video

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Typography video costs a surprising amount to get other people to create. But tbf they're really dynamic the ones I look at, like animation with words. You may as well buy adobe after effects and learn how yourself than pay someone else to make snazzy lyric videos.

In fact, just learn how to put an EQ bar in a trial of adobe after effects or find another way to use it, and learn how to just put the lyrics on the video one phrase at a time.