Hey everyone, just wanted to start a thread for Marshall lovers and what you have / enjoy about them or what you are looking for! For me, my first "Marshall" i guess you could say was an MG which i finally got rid of. But also have a bunch of other amps and guitars, I ended up buying a mode 4 head for $550 and love it, also recently got a DSL JCM 2000 head and love it. My main amp of choice. I bought it off Kijiji for $350, works great except the reverb tank is gone but otherwise a good catch i think. I am also looking to buy a 1960 A and B relatively soon! Maybe a pointless thread but goddamn Marshalls are the best! atleast for me
Marshalls are not the best. They're overvalued and there're much better alternatives.

Well at least they got the DSL series right and decent but still too expensive.
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Splawn, Friedman, et al /thread.
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They did invent THE crunchy tone, (didn't they?) That "British", growling, crispy crunchy tone. I love 'em for that. I'm content with using a pedal for that but from my experiences, and ears, the Egnater Rebel actually does it best. (Note: my experiences are limited, lol.). Hell, I bought my current amp specifically because I wanted sweet Fender cleans and the "Marshall crunch" in one amp.

I remember when I first started playing, and slightly before, Marshall, Gibson and Fenders were the pinnacles. I never would've imagined passing on every Marshall I've ever had the chance to buy (in favor of Egnater and Randall) and scoffing at Gibson's lousy guitars (again, I'm talking low end), even hot potatoing an LP Studio. I do still have a reverence for Fender, but, within my reach, I'll take Egnater over Marshall, PRS over Gibson.
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