Now I have them to start practicing guitars again for my Talent Show. Now I need Electro-Harmonix Metal Muff ($91) and DigiTech Bad Monkey ($50) for two songs on my two electric guitars to play. I also got Sennheiser HD 280 Pro closed-black headphones to practice & play guitars quietly without bothering people in the house or apartment. Buying and using studio monitoring headphones is very important to play. However, I use a 5-feet audio cable to plug into iPod to Micro Terror just to make sure if it work on the Kustom speaker. And that's what? It's amazing! It's like listening to music on the audio CD/radio home system. And hey, it's also can play music while play the song on the guitar at the same time. Isn't it fun?

I cannot believe what I got today from Guitar Center and I'm grateful having those amps for my home and Talent Show. I'm excited to perform on the Talent Show to blow my co-workers, supervisors and managers away in two weeks!
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