I have fairly large fingers and as such I have trouble playing chords where my fingers end up all bunched together on the fretboard, for example the 'A' chord. Do you know of any guitar that comes with a wider than normal (43mm) neck (at the nut). Or a company that offers that as an option on a custom built guitar. I would think something around 45-48mm would be about right.
well the A chord is a simple fix just lay your first finger across strings to fret. BC Rich tends to have wider fretboards as do most 2015 Gibson guitars.
Schecters tend to have wider fretboards, at least my Blackjack ATX V does. Some people complain about them but for my gorilla hands it feels just right.
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I have small hands but play electric with fingers rather than a pick. Last year I bought a 'Big Lou' LP clone. They do ST, T and LP style guitars with a 1 7/8" nut width. The guitar has excellent pick-ups (my friend with Rickenbackers and a Fender is jealous of the sound), they are made in China and although the finish was flawless the neck needed a bit of attention from a luthier (frets not seated as well as might have been). I think I paid around £300 for it. They also sell necks so you could make your own as a project. Based in CA I think
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well the A chord is a simple fix just lay your first finger across strings to fret. BC Rich tends to have wider fretboards as do most 2015 Gibson guitars.

Neither of these guitars has increased STRING spacing, but the point about developing some technique as a long-term fix is a good one.

Agile and some other folks have "wide" nut widths (with corresponding increases in string spacing), usually around 1 3/4" (standard guitars usually hover around 1 5/8" and 1 11/16ths"). Floyd Rose makes a 1 3/4" width nut as well.

Jim Soloway used to make (and you may still be able to get one of these from Kauer guitars) a guitar with a 1 13/16ths" nut width.

Now here's the thing; while most guitars that have a wider nut width have a standard bridge width (meaning that up around the 12th fret you really can't tell the difference), but the Soloway guitars have a custom bridge as well, which means that they maintain that extra 1/8th" of width all the way up the neck.

FWIW, StewMac has a string spacing ruler (not cheap) that will tell you what the ACTUAL string spacing is, regardless of the width of the neck or the nut.

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And finally -- I have XXL glove size hands. Lunchbox fists with sausage fingers. I *do* have a couple of guitars with wider nut widths (1 3/4") and string spacing, but I also have a couple of Gibsons from the early '70's that came with 1 9/16ths" nut widths. Surprisingly, I get along well with these (these particular Gibsons do NOT have "nibs", which allows them to have wider string spacing than those Gibsons WITH nibs). Part of the reason is the development of technique and chord fingerings that allow you to get in there without muting other strings. My wife is still trying to figure out how I get around the soft keyboard on an iPhone 5S so quickly.
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