Hey Guys,

I'm looking for some advice on an issue I'm having after installing a Warman Hot Rail Bridge pickup into my tele. I've installed it, but it's producing a mega low output!

Stock Pickup had:

Yellow Wire (Connected to Pickup Selector)
Black Wire (Connected to the back of the volume pot, along with the neck pickup wire)

Warman Hot Rail has:

White Wire
Red Wire
Black Wire
Bare Wire
Green Wire

The instructions with the pickup were very short:

''Ignore the red and white wires if you don't want to use the pups for coil tapping so just wrap some insulation around them and forget all about them.

The black and bare wire get soldered to the back of one of the pots, or any other common earth point. That leaves just the green wire that needs to connect to your selector switch in exactly the same place that you remove the old pup wire from''

So, I unsoldered the old pickup's yellow wire from the pickup selector and put the new green one in its place. Then I removed the old pickup's black wire from the back of the volume pot and replaced it with the bare and black wire together.

Putting everything back in place and restringing, the pickup is giving a very poor output. Maybe 1/10th of the neck pickups volume. And as you'd expect, this is supposed to be a really hot sounding pup.

Have I made a common mistake here? This is the first time I've replaced pickups. I know how to use a soldering iron, and the instructions made out it'd be quite straight forward.

I did un-do my work and replace the stock bridge pickup just to check, and that works fine as ever.

Any advice on what I'm doing wrong? Or is this a duff pickup?

Many Thanks in advance,