I am a multi-genred musician. I recently recorded a very stoner rock song very similiar to that of early ISIS or Tool. You can listen to it on youtube at


If you wish to listen to my other work, which is comprised of Psychedelic Space rock, please take a few minutes to go to www.reverbnation.com/pleroma and give it a listen.

If you like bands like God is an Astronaut, El Ten Eleven, Buckethead you will enjoy this.

Thank you again.
Hey dood,

Really like the tone and quality with this song, it was definetely produced very well. Very stoner rock feel to it only I wish there a bit more going on. The changes are very minimal but I feel like this wouldn't be a problem at all if there was a competent vocalist over this song! I love the change around 3:20, sounds very thick and fuzzy Definetly check out Truckfighters, Astroqueen, Sasquatch, Stoned Jesus, Atomic Bitchwax, ASG, Valley of the Sun, Gozu, Greenleaf, and My Sleeping Karma as I am sure you will love or have already heard of these guys. Went off a little there sorry! I checked out your live video and I really like your vocalist!