Hey guys,

I recently purchased a used Gibson SG Standard on eBay. The guitar is wonderfull and sounds great, but the tuning peg for the B string is behaving strangely. Basically, I have to turn it an unusually long way before it will begin to de-tune. Tightening the string works better, but it still feels like the peg is turning for too long without doing anything. It's a bit like having really insensitive steering on a car.

The tuners were changed by a previous owner. They're Kluson Wafflebacks, and the others work fine.

Any ideas what the problem could be? It's not a huge problem – I can still tune the guitar, it's just difficult and annoying.

EDIT: I forgot to mention, the nut is fine. There are no 'pinging noises'. I'm aware that most tuning problems are caused by the nut. I've had it set up, but I actually don't think the tech noticed the problem
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the gear inside sounds messed up.
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