Hi everyone, I was wondering if these recording packages http://www.guitarcenter.com/Recording-Packages.gc would be a decent start for recording. I plan on recording acoustic and electric guitar, piano and possibly vocals. My budget is around $300, so I'm looking specifically at the Steinberg packages.

Also, these packages seem pretty similar, and I'm wondering if any of them stands out as being superior to the others.

Thank you!
or this
should do.

I am not crazy about Cubase as I've had some really bad experience with their software support, after they broke my OS installation with their license validation scheme and am pretty much never touching their products again. Both packages are OK to get you started.

The condensers offered are all OK, maybe even the headphone package is better as you can get better monitors down the line if you'd like or just add these to the other package.

The condenser mics are budget for sure but they are fine, they should be OK for your needs. I'd say these are all pretty interchangeable.

If you get a package without mic I'd suggest to get the Audio Technica AT2020 as that one seems more neutral and should track everything fine.

Look at PreSonus too - I love their Studio One software, it has been my favorite so far and I transferred most of my work on it.

Either way you go, it should provide a good starter package, nothing to be embarrassed of.
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You should read the introduction to recording sticky, then decide what you want to do and then come back and tell us so that we can help you deciding.

These "recording packs" pack much bad sounding stuff just for the sake of having more stuff - these monitor speakers for example won't be much better than your computer speakers.

I'd rather get something separately.
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Ok, now I'm looking at these 3 interfaces, and purchasing the audio technica mic mentioned earlier separately.


Again, they all seem pretty similar. Any recommendations?
The Scarlett is going to have the best sounding preamps, but is known to have too hot an instrument input (when recording DI guitar) so if you plan on plugging your electric straight in you'd need a DI box.

That Audio-Technica mic would be good but I'd advise bumping it up to the AT4040. It's obviously pricier but much better mic by AT.

If you buy solely an interface do be sure to purchase nessacary cables, several XLR and good quality instrument cables.