Im about to restore my Esp Eclipse. I know it'll cost more to restore my Esp than to buy another one but i love playing this guitar. The neck feels awesome and it sounds great but I'm changing the pick ups back to original. Right now it has Seymour Duncan's in it but I love the sounds of emg and this guitar came originally with emg 60 and 81s. My question is what series of eclipse is it. I know it was built in 12/95. I was also told by the previous owner that it was custom ordered with a floyd rose. The neck has a date on it but the body two dates. One that was crossed out 11/95 to 12/95 with both the neck and body has a letter "s" next to both dates. At the time they had no eclipse with no floyd rose. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Ps how do you attached pics.
When your able to get the pics up try to take a picture on the FR bridge to see if It's branded ESP or if it's an OFR. Since it's a mid 90's guitar good luck trying to get info on it. ESP had limited record keeping on hand and a lot of it was lost in a fire.
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