Hi guys, sorry if this is in the wrong forum but I'm guessing you folks will be most knowledgeable on the subject anyway.

A bassist friend and I are going to go have a jam at local practice studios however the lack of drummer is obviously a problem. When I'm at home I usually just run Guitar Pro for backing tracks and was thinking about doing the same but with just the drums. However I'm aware that the drums aren't exactly the most realistic but at the moment its either that or just using a metronome and the drums are already set up for songs we wanna run through. Firstly will this work just running GP through my line out on my Toneport UX1 to the PA or whatever? Secondly, is there any suggestions on how to do this better, exporting GP midi to different program maybe? Were not planning on sounding like a recording band, its just a jam session where will be play a few songs and maybe some improv stuff so quality doesn't have to be great.

Thanks for any suggestions guys (feel free to move this to correct forum admins!).
I'm a happy user to http://mybeatbuddy.com/ does random selection of drum hit Samples so your drum sound alittle different each time, on the weekend I grabbed samples and midi from my Toontrack software and put it in my Beat buddy VERY COOL I built my set list in the pedal

the cool thing about beat buddy ( aside from the stuff show on the Website ) is its perfectly aimed the guitarist You can press at the start of the bar and it wont just jump to the fill or transition etc it will do it at the right time at the end of the bar.

Very nice tool I'm Very happy with it but still more the learn how much more I can do with the software and the pedal .

Review on the BeatBuddy at UG Here
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1. Yes, it should work with the UX1 as your audio interface.
2. One alternative would be to export the drum parts from GP as a MIDI file, import them to a DAW (i.e. Reaper, Cubase) and then use a drum VST like the Toontrack stuff, or SuperDrumFX as a free alternative.