I have posted few threads regarding my next tube amp (small one for home use) and I have almost decided to get the Laney IRT15H + Laney IRT112 Cabinet

However, I have noted that this Laney is a single channel high gain amp... all youtube reviews are demonstrating the high gain and distortion capabilities of the amp... only few mentioned that lowering the gain "can" produce clean tone sound but for me it was not clear enough to be called "clean tone"... I don't know whether this is because they didn't care in the demo about having a decent clean tone sound or because this is the amp capability and it can't give a decent clean tone sound... your thought and experience with similar amps pleaaase...
Does it have a master volume?
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Try out Orange Micro Terror at your local instruments store. I'm not telling you to own, just practicing it before you decide.
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I suggest you bring your pod and test it for yourself. That's the best way to decide if you think the cleans are good enough.

For me, I dialed the gain level down on the lead channel, which is what the IRT15H is using.

To me it's clean enough with the volume much louder, but maxing out volume might produce power tube distortion which is not what some people want with a modeler.

Even the clean channel may get a bit dirty if max out the volume.

Still, best to test it out by bringing your gear along. I think it should be fine.

Btw, if you're using the effects loop, you're bypassing the preamp altogether, which is where the laney get it's distortion from.

Power tubes should be as transparent as it can get until you hit the volume maximum, which may or may not distort, haven't got a chance to do that here yet.
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Try out Orange Micro Terror at your local instruments store. I'm not telling you to own, just practicing it before you decide.

unfortunately no Orange dealer in Egypt... buying online will add extremely high amount for customs and shipment
I tried it myself at the showroom... I tried the IRT15H which is a single channel and with somehow high volume and very low gain I could get a very nice clean tone... However, I purchased the Studio anyways
Never tried a Ironheart, ut when I usually use a single channel amp, I tend to keep it at a low to medium crunch when the volume on the guitar is full. Turn down the volume knob on the guitar to get a clean sound, and then hit the boost function for when you need anything more than medium gain.

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