I recently discovered amp sims and I find them to be allot more conveinient than traditional amps.
I found a cheap beringher cab for sale and I was wandering if I could attach the output from my focusrite 2i2 straight into the cabinent.
These outputs usually go to my studio monitors.
basically the chain would be
Guitar > focusrite > laptop > focusrite > cab/speakers
Obviously i remove the cabinent simulation from my tone as I'm running through a real cab.

I don't own an amp head for this purpose.

This might be a silly idea but if it worked in practice I'd try it out for live use.
No, your focusrite 2i2 is only a line level preamp. You need a power amp to drive the behringer cabinet....
Yeah, audio interfaces in general can't output signals strong enough to drive passive cabs.

You need a power amp.
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