Hi there.
A friend of mine has give me an electric guitar a week ago. Turns out it's a Peavey Rotor Ex. I found this out as it had Peavey on the Floyd Rose, and there was no brand name on the headstock. Turns out that it is not the original neck.
The thing is, the neck needs a re-fret. Some are longer, some are shorter than they need to be,and one is missing. Some are also very sharp.
I looked at repair costs and it turns our that I can buy a new neck for cheaper than a re-fret. I can't seem to find the original neck. I'm from the UK. I have seen some explorer necks and was wandering if I need one that will fit a locking nut or can I use a standard. Reason being is the standard necks seem to be a lot cheaper. Plus I will be more than likely blocking of the Floyd rose anyway as I am not a fan of them.

Thank you
If you're going to block off the trem and won't be using it i don't see why a neck w/o a locking nut wouldn't work.