hey guys! another question. so right now i have an evh 5150 iii 50 watt, a rockerverb 50 mk2 and the cabs im running are an orange 4x12 with v30's and an avatar with x pattern of v30's and g12h 30 watters. i'm trying to do something in the higher gain area. heavy sound with tight gain. i like my rockerverb a lot. its so versatile and has an awesome clean tone. has anyone compared the rockerverb to the dual dark? is the dual dark as versatile as the rockerverb? can it get a clean tone like the rockerverb? do you guys like the rockerverb or dual dark more? what do yo think? thank you!
Duel dark is not going to have a tighter higher gain sound then your evh.
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Dual dark is still essentially the same voicing with more gain. You can achieve it with overdrive. The cleans break up early. Personally, I like Orange high gain or any of their voicings as they're more original sounding than the rest of the crowd. I also like Mesa dual, that'll have the cleans and gain, but how tight would that be by your estimation is a different question. Look up maybe Carvin V3 and Peavey JSX.
my budget is about 1500. in that area. and i really like the sound of the rockerverb. i just didn't know if the dual dark would be a good upgrade. i want to do a heavy in your face sound. I like the rockerverb but i haven't heard a lot of other things.
I think your rockerverb should be more than capable of getting the sound you're looking for. Play with the EQ and gain settings, and mess with some OD pedals. You'll find it.
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yeah i'm running my ts9 30th anniversary as my boost. any suggestions?

i have a 50 watt MKi. i threw a 12AT7 in V1, a 5751 in V2, and a 12at7 in PI, put the gain on 8, and boost it with a TS varient (visual sound double trouble). HOWEVER, that is for the MK1, i am not sure if that is the same as the MKII. i like the MKi much better though .
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interesting! has anyone tried any different tube variants with the mkii? since they are capable of using different tubes. ive never tried different tubes