Roland Asia won't sell me a spare speaker. My current one is still usable but has a bit of water stain leftovers... ( I pour water into cup and sometimes some tiny bit of water gets splashed on the speakers through the grill)

So I wanted to change my cube speakers. I found an exact match here


Exact part number W120FP70-00C

Freq range: 130Hz - 22000Hz
Sensitivity: 88 ± 2dB

But would like to try something better, maybe this.


Freq range: 95Hz - 22000Hz
Sensitivity: 86dB

Both speakers are the same size, same max freq range, but the visaton has better bottom end at 95Hz compared to the original speaker, which is 130Hz, and is known for poor ability to handl low end well.

Do you guys think the visaton would be suitable? Both are considered full range speakers.
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