Hello mates,

I have a Boss Gt-100 which i will use directly connected to a mixer for live performance. Ill be playin parisienne walkways by Gary moore And i was wondering if any of you can help me create the lerfect patch for this song:
1) effects and parameters of each effects
2) preamp that i can use from the Gt-100 that simulates the JTM 45 or the Dsl 100 as these are use by gary moore ( seen in another thread ) with parameters
3) how tp hold thr note? There is a sound hold FX in the gt100 but it doesnt seem to work so maybe someone can point out how to do it?
4) do i need a DI box or is there another way to connect ti the mixer?

Thanks for the help.
Use the Marshall amp in the GT100 and velocity layer two sounds, one with more gain than the other. It won't really get you there but it is about as close as you are gonna get. Don't forget to add a 4x12 cab sim to the patch.

Gary's OD of choice was a Marshall Guv'nor so add some of that in as well. Don't overdo it. You will also want some Reverb.

The sustained note is done with high volume. ie. it's feedback

No DI needed, the GT-100 has plenty of output on tap to drive an unbalanced input on the desk.
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Quote by Cathbard

The sustained note is done with high volume. ie. it's feedback

About the only way you can get that *without* a high volume amp (or any amp at all) is to use a Sustainer.