Oddly, this entry is more about removing effects than adding them. This is for the player who wants to keep his tube amp warmth and use it with his effects pedals. This mod will convert your amp to 100% analog (that is, no digital intervention at all), just like all predecessor amps.

This is a simple (no circuit board removal) and cheap (shouldn't cost you over $5 in parts) way to produce a fully analog Fender amp from one that contains a digital (DSP) board. You will lose all effects and end up with just VOLUME and BRIGHTNESS controls, much like the original amps. The project requires that the power supply and all of the tubes are working (however, the DSP board itself can be failed). It is expected that you can add all the effects you want with your external pedals. (Note also that this mod "repairs" amps in which the DSP board has failed.)

Here is a link to the instructions, which includes the parts list and a frequency graph of what to expect after the mod:

If you have questions, you can email me (address is in the doc). Good Luck!

Cool, but I'll close this since you have another thread on the same thing in the right forum.