If you are reading this, you probably fall into one of two categories, (1) your DSP board failed (power light on, tubes light, sound comes and goes or stays gone), or (2) you want a great all-analog combo box. Well, only because the DSP board failed in our Worship Leader's XD and Fender wouldn't replace anything outside of the warranty period, did I step between the owner and the trash can.

Being an "older" type, I am against seeing a box full of wonderful working analog components thrown away - especially due to a failure in a digital component!! So, I came up with a simple and cheap (under $5 in parts) way to preserve this nice valve amp. I do find it ironic that in a day and age when solid-state gear should be far more reliable than anything with a tube in it, that it is a solid state component that brings so many of these units to their demise! How many were needlessly tossed?

Anyway, because apparently this was not an isolated case, I thought we may still be able to save some of these amps if I just write up what I did and pass the info along. There is a caveat: you end up with only Volume and Brightness controls - it is expected that you can add all the effects you want with external pedals (and if they fail, throw them away, NOT THE FENDER!) Here is a link to the instructions, which includes the parts list and a frequency graph of what to expect after the mod.

If you have questions, you can email me (address is in the doc). Good Luck!
Thanks for the PDF. I've got two XDs. One I bought non functional. I reseated the flash memory chip in the upper left of your fig 1a and that brought it back to life. But nice to have instructions on eliminating the DSP if ever necessary in the future.