Can anyone help me fix the problem make? Every time play a note above the 12 fret of the G string it makes a noise (Idk if it's a dead note). It never happened before and I putted a new pack of Ernie Ball Slinky M-Steel It was 016 never had this problem. Someone please help
Had the same problem on my friends strat a few years back, adjusted the truss rod right and solved the problem
I'm a beginner in guitar, So how do you adjust the truss nod? I know where it is and what tools required to use I'm just afraid I'm just going to break it
Be patient and don't overdo it.

Only do like 1/4 turns at a time, and leave it for a while after each turn and retune to see if you need to go any further. Given the issue you are having you will need to tighten it.

I would suggest checking the other two things I said before touching the truss rod though.
youtube will tell you how to do things and why

1) get guitar multi tool from amazon or shop

2) make sure the guitar neck is straight by looking down the guitar. its probably fine. if not then you can adjust the truss rod very very slightly. you will probably need guitar tool for this

3) make sure strings are far away enough from the fretboard by heightening or lowering the bridge. too low and it will cause buzzing, too high and it will be a bitch to press the strings down. you will probably just need suitable screwdriver for this

4) remember to re-tune the all the time you're doing these things coz that will affect how high/low your strings are too i think

this is called adjusting your action (dont ask me why)
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