Hi! Anyone who knows anything about vocals, I'd appreciate your help!

A little background, I'm a 21 year old girl who loves music. I play piano and bass, and a little drums and guitar. I'm trying to get into singing and maybe song-writing because I've always wanted to be able to do that stuff, but I don't know where to start! I used to be really embarrassed about my voice, but life's too short to be embarrassed so I figured I'd just jump into it.

My main problem at the moment is I'm a petite girl whose voice is naturally high (I've been trying to lower it), but I love rock vocals. (Lzzy Hale is my dream girl, for instance.) Is there a way I can improve my voice without formal lessons? I'm not looking to become a singer, I just would like to be proficient enough to sing songs I write and also be able to sing around other people without being terrible.

Here's the voice I'm starting with. (It's a song I wrote as a joke about Cersei from Game of Thrones, sorry. It's the only recording of my singing voice I have.)


Anyway... any tips would be appreciated! Like I said, not looking to be a singer, but I would just like to be able to sing passably!
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That's the best attitude to have! Not being embarrassed.

Practice and sing as much as you can, but for me, doing it in front of people who can critique you and stuff really like helped.

I used to be a terrible singer when I started playing music. A lot was cringeworthy at best, but k can just laugh at the old recordings. And then I sang a bit and it slowly got better. The last two years I had been with one of my bands, I had picked up more vocal duties and in this time frame I have made more progress in that time frame, than the previous 10 years of playing music.

So my advice is sing sing sing.
Checked out the song on youtube, it is great. Can't give any singing advice, because I don't sing at all. But loved the lyrics, and the performance was great.
First off, I'd try breathing excersises. In the video, it does not seem like you actively take control over your breathing pattern.

Second off, your voice isn't that bad but it seems like you're trying to sing below your "tonal comfort zone" to get a deeper sound (or maybe you were just really quiet or whatever, it's hard to tell on video).
[Referring to the beginning here, watching the rest, a capo would've probably killed you later on :3)

Don't do that. Start out with what feels natural. Even if it's way higher than the stuff you wanna actually sing.

Also, it sound slike you're sometimes having trouble to imagine and then form the tone you're supposed to sing.

Don't get me wrong, you don't sound that bad but if you carefully listen to the end of almost every line you'll see what I mean.

Try to either do some solfège (lots of work but worth it) or just repeat these passages until they sound about right. If you can't manage to sing them properly, experiment with the pitch until you get the desired results.

Same goes for volume. Work your way up from a whisper to a "scream" to find the volume and pitch you're most comfortable with.

Good luck and keep going
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You have to set a strong foundation first: Breathing. The appoggio breathing technique helped me tremendously. It's basically breathing into the sides and back of your lower ribs with a small amount of expansion in the belly. Always breathe in to about 70-80% of your lung capacity and never go beyond 30-20% of air in your lungs as you sing. You might have to start out slowly and map out where the best places in your songs to take a good breath.

Honestly without lessons it's going to be a hard and up-road battle. With the help of some online resources I went from not even being able to sing a correct note to be able to sing with resonance. There's just so much to pay attention to and knowing where to pay attention to and what will get the best resonance from your voice.

Hope it helps a little bit.