Hi, I have a pair of MartinLogan ElectroMotion speakers and a Pioneer SC-79 receiver that I would like to use as an "amp" of sorts for my Epiphone Les Paul Prophecy EX, Zoom G3 multi-effects pedal, and Roland EV-5 Expression pedal.

My questions are: Is this safe to do? Are there any special precautions I should take? Would I output to mono like I do with headphones or is there a better way - perhaps using the G3's R/L output with my receiver?

Also, what kind of sound quality can I expect? These are electrostatic speakers btw, in case that's relevant.

Those are my main questions at the moment. I'm confident there are things I'm too ignorant on to even know to ask, so any information at all is likely to be useful - and would definitely be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance for any help!
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It's fine. It will probably sound better with the subwoofer turned off.
These speakers you have are full range drivers and are excellent for modeler use.

I don't see how it could damage your speakers with them. You're more likely to damage them from watching movies and mtvs at full blast if your power amps produce more watts than they can handle.
My son has a multi effects unit and he has a 'headphone to RCA adapter'......he will basically plug the headphone jack on the effects unit to an RCA audio input on his Pioneer receiver.

Same headphone wire thing as if you are trying to play music from your phone to a rca plug on a stereo.

The Zoom unit should output as mono unless you program it to sound stereo.
thanks for the advice everyone! I haven't had much time to mess with things yet, but so far it sounds AMAZING. totally blown away with the sound quality and power it's capable of producing.
I used to run a bass amp headphone out into a mixer (Actually a Tascam Portastudio DP-02), then that mixer out to the RCA jacks on my stereo.
Worked fine.
Kinda had to do that actually since the bass amp I had was only like 10 - 15 watts SS and couldn't hear the bass over the guitars or drums.
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