I've heard the Edwards guitars are considered to be better than LTD's, but these two being close in price I was wondering if anyone might know if there is a difference in quality between the two? Obviously I know the differences in features, but was more or less just looking for opinions on the quality...NOT the looks haha, I know these are quite ugly to most. thanks



i can't speak for either, but from the LTD's i owned, the EC400 was significantly better than the EC401. they changed factories, and i think the 400 was built better. i do realize that you are not interested in the EC's, but i assume all of the production went there.

i haven't ever played an Edwards, sorry i can't help better.
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Earlier Edwards are Japanese made as far as I know...which pretty much is better that anywhere else in my experience - including USA

But, the newer ones are Chinese...*cough*

LTD's are hit and miss...some really well made ones, and some real crap.
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I can only go by what I've heard and that is that Edwards is far better quality than LTD
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Earlier Edwards are Japanese made as far as I know...which pretty much is better that anywhere else in my experience - including USA

But, the newer ones are Chinese...*cough*

I keep hearing this, and it's incorrect. Yes, they were Chinese made for a few years in the late 2000's/early 2010's, but they're now fully MIJ again. The Edwards are a lot better than the LTDs in general. In some cases a lot more, in some cases not so much. Every guitar's different of course. It's a quality and finish thing, better crowned frets and such.
From what I remember Edwards had production split between China and Japan. The wood work was done in China to save $. Then the finishing and hardware installation (frets, pups, bridge, etc.) was finished and set up in Japan.
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^ Yeah, that's what I've heard in the past, though dragonzmetal may well be correct that they've reverted to Japan exclusively again (that's not the first time I've heard that). If they have I'd likely prefer the Edwards (having not tried either model mentioned, I should clarify), but it does depend on how much of a price difference there is. If they haven't, I'd still likely prefer the Edwards, but I wouldn't pay a ton more for one, either.
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The LTD does look tasty and id probs pick that one out the two.

(not a floyd rose fan though)
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