I don't know if it's a problem with my strings or a different part of my guitar but I play on a basic Epiphone Les Paul Special II. The strings are kind of far apart since i'm used to playing on an acoustic but I don't mind that at all and it almost helps but the thing is that the strings are way too bendy and push out of place while i'm trying to hold them down. I'll attach a picture with an example. Like, they flex way too much while i'm trying to hold the string and I want to know how to fix that, is it the strings? is it something else? is it something i'm just going to have to deal with? please help, thank you so much!

(in the pic, you can see how when I try to play this chord, the a string pushes up and kind of gets in the way)
maybe a little hard but that's kind of how i'm used to playing because i have to like that on my acoustic, do you think a different type of strings would help for this? i feel like they'e too loose or flexable or something.