I am looking for a very specific type of guitar. However, I don't know if such a guitar exists and if it would be mass-produced.. Below I've listed some of the desired specs that I'm looking for in said guitar. If any of you possibly know of a guitar that contains most or all of these specs, please let me know!

- Semi-hollow or hollow body
- Humbuckers with coil-tapping capability
- Bulkier 50's-style neck with satin finish (no preference on fretboard material)
- Bigsby tremolo
- Double-bound body
- Pickup selector switch on upper bout

Does such a guitar exist? I understand that some of these mods can be made after initial purchase, but it's worth a shot. Figured I'd ask the kind people of Ultimate-Guitar if they knew of such a beast. Thanks for all your help in advance!
You could probably take a Gibson or Epi hollowbody with everything you want except coil taps and mod it to do so. Installing coil taps isn't terribly hard (maybe a little more so if you have a hollow body with no back plate) if you have splitable pickups.
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I HAVE done the research, but to no avail. I have yet to find a guitar that meets all of the aforementioned criteria. I also HAVE searched on Musician's Friend and I HAVE used the filters to narrow it down, however I still have not found a guitar that meets all of the aforementioned criteria.

I thought I could ask on here and hopefully get some helpful information.
As far as the Gibby and Epi semi-hollow bodies and the Hagstrom Vikings are concerned, those guitars do possess most of the qualities that I am looking for. However, in both instances I would still have to do some modifications myself to meet the other specs on my wish list. I just wasn't sure if there was a guitar out there that was factory built to all of those specs listed above.
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the guitars suggested have everything on your list except for the coil taping.

there are common guitars out there that fit 98% percent of your specs, but if you don't want to take care of the remaining 2% yourself or pay someone to do it, then i suggest a custom build. also, with a custom build you can work with the builder to refine your specs even more for a complete turn key solution.

custom shop/boutique luthiery is exactly tailored to build guitars that don't exist.
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There's also these:

Seymour Duncan

I do not have any personal experience with them, but they look like a cheaper, less-invasive alternative to re-wiring your pickups.
American G&L ASAT Deluxe with Bigsby would get you everything except switch on the upper bout if you like Tele shapes