Has anyone used these? Basically it makes ANY underpowered amp head gig worthy... and even has effects loop so you can use them after the power section of your amp head.

Quite an innovation, not sure if it's the only product in the market to do this, and it's quite affordable.

This means you don't have to buy a bigger and more expensive amp head/cabinet...

Can be used directly with a modeler like pod, axe-fx ii..... etc... Don't need to get separate power amp and cabinet anymore.


Previous attempts at similar products haven't sold well because generally if you bring a small amp to a gig, you just mic it into the PA. Same with POD, Axe-FX units - they were designed specifically to go directly into the PA. The whole point is that you don't need something like this to gig with them.

It's a niche product and I'm sure they'll sell a few but in general it's a solution in search of a problem.
So instead of using the venues mic and PA system...I can pack and lug around my own? Sounds great.
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Quote by AcousticMirror
So instead of using the venues mic and PA system...I can pack and lug around my own? Sounds great.

Yes, 200 watts RMS, and you can still shape the tone AFTER the power tube/output section of your amp, and even add effects... imagine adding a reverb effect AFTER the power section, how cool is that ?

Makes any old style amp heads with no effects loop even more versatile.

My VOX AC4TV now will have much more versatility...

Tiny combo tube amps without speaker out just need a minor mod to use it.
Isnt this just a powered speaker cab? They are useful for band practice when you use a modeler for your sound and dont have PA system around.

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Quote by sfx
Quite an innovation
I thought power amps and PA systems were around since the late '20s...

Well you learn something new everyday.
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Yes, but this innovation lets you buy an amp that has none of the features you think you need and then spend more money to use it anyway.

It's not totally useless, but "I bought an AC4 when I need a high-headroom amp with an FX loop" seems like a problem that could have been solved without buying this thing.
Much better off mic'd into the PA, but if you have a powered wedge monitor connected to your amps line out or speaker out (via a suitable DI box) then this would be useful for using very low power amps on stage.
Actually I think you can also mic your amp up by connecting an SM57 to the IRT-X using the DI/Line in XLR socket... This way you can preserve your existing cabinet's tone without using the IRT-X cab emulation feature.

But I think to use the 200 watt output, you still have to connect to an extension cabinet. The IRT-X itself is incapable of blasting high output volume, it is at best just an amplifier and monitor by itself without a real 4 x 12 cab with each speaker at least 50 watts.

Online manual for anyone interested.

Could be just what I'm looking for. I can't get a great sound or at least the sound I like direct to PA or a powered speaker. I like the sound into an amp. Maybe one of these might be the answer where your amp doesn't have an effects loop?