Since I've written a couple songs I wanted to try them out by recording them. Got some free reggae drum tracks, tuned my guitar to a bass for the bass parts, tune back on regular for guitar parts, and I got through with everything perfectly on the first try. I really like the end result, it's a simple 4 chord progression with an interesting bass line, but that's all about it. This goes on for a minute and 44 seconds. I mean it sounds like an opening riff and it has two changes that I call a chorus, but it's more like a bridge. And then it goes back to the instrumental. Listening it to it is like listening to a rap beat.

Now, I have these awesome lyrics to this song. I think it's one of the best lyrics I've written. It's a punk/reggae song, if you know what I mean. The lyrics are a bit longish and I'd hateto butcher it by putting it on a better melody, because it would probably be shortened etc. + I think it suits the instrumental for this. Now, this is only for 1 song, all my other songs are interesting to hear instrumentally, as you have a couple of bridges, solos, chorus, etc. So I think I should keep the instrumental as well, as it's one of the first ones I've done. Not alot of bands I've been influenced by have this "+ songs" that really aren't meant to be widely listened, but I think of it as more of a space to speak my mind. I have something to say and it lasts a minute and 44 seconds. Now, the singing melody is also a bit more interesting and it probably could come out to something. I've never heard of a song that doesn't have atleast a catch, an intro, outro, something that you love about it. Do you know of any? Because I was even thinking of playing this song live.
Frustrating to be close to something you really have worked hard for and have a piece not fit. If you are still working on it maybe you could post it.