So I noticed that there are alot of songs from bands of this era that sound the same. No, I don't mean song structure or anything like that, I mean the recording. Rhythm guitar neck pickup, solo bridge pickup, or the other way around... Vocals are clear, drums are sharp. It's like quality sound, I get it, but for me it's lost the brilliance of muddy sounding guitars, far-away vocals, mellow drums... I'm aware that most songs with these sort of imperfections weren't done on purpose like this. But there's a whole lot of things you can do on a song to make it unique.

For example, reverb on guitars. It's a rare thing. Back then it used to be the main way for a 3-man band to get a fuller sound and I sort of got used to it.

Far-away vocals - the punk-rock singer getting burried below fat riffs while trying his heart out to sing.

Singing through a megaphone - the sort of crackling, telephone voice that used to be a thing as well.

Do you guys have any more ideas?
Damien Rice has a voice processor that sounds like a crackling megaphone radio type thing. I like it.