Hello Everybody I'm new to the forums but was hoping more experienced songwriters could offer me advice regarding writing my first song? (Bearing in mind I've only been playing guitar for a year, year last week precisely and I have little knowledge on music theory)

I'm encountering several issues regarding writing my song which I guess is somewhat like a ragtime blues song? It's essentially started as a fairly boring 6 chord song (including the intro) but I've been trying to "spice it up" so to speak but I'm struggling I've managed to figure out how to play the chord in different places along the fretboard however I'm concerned it still sounds boring as I'm struggling to use chord play on Barre Chords in an effective way.
Secondly I am concerned that I might be trying too hard and that there maybe too much going on in my song rendering it a crappy song that's hard to listen too as there's too much.
Last regarding lyrics I'm pretty concerned that my lyrics may be extremely naive due to being 16 and not the most mature, consequently sounding daft. Even more so considering it's a pretty cliche song topic of getting hammered with my mates after a rough week but feeling worse the day after. I can't really think of any better topics that won't make me look like a bit of whiney sap so if you have any better ideas regarding song subjects please tell me!

Lastly how long should each verse be on average for a first song and what sort of structure should it have?

Apologies for newbie questions and thanks in advance!
Start with writing a simple I V IV VI chord progression. C, G, am, F. Pick a tempo, find out how you want to play the chords, if you want to pick any notes, etc. Then work on some lyrics. They could be about your friends, some girl in history class, etc. Nothing has to rhyme, just get the melodies down (if youre not a strong singer, just sing along as best you can, and in time. get a friend later to sing it properly).

For a first song, a good structure should be something around

Verse x2

and that's just to get into the swing of things. You can do whatever you want. 5 verses and 1 chorus, no outro, etc. Just get in the habit. Make each verse 4 sentences.

The other approach is Words first, music second.

The first approach is how i started, I'd say I'm competent now.

Also, if you're worried about what people will think of the subject matter of your song, it'll only hinder your writing. Art is yours to make.

I hope this helps a bit.
After you get the basics of your song down, then you spice it up.
Don't get fancy before youre ready, cha feel
Keep it simple at first, modify it later, use the internet rhyme dictionary
For your first song, I recommend keeping it simple and trying not to overanalyze it too much. In fact, I would get used to the idea that you're probably not going to record your first song or perform it for other people. Your first few songs will probably be throwaways. That may be a depressing thought, but trust me, you have many years of songwriting ahead of you. Right now, your goal should be to gain experience, not necessarily write a masterpiece.

To answer your question more specifically, I would recommend you use a verse/chorus/verse format and write four lines for each verse. Not necessarily because that's what's best, but just to keep things simple until you gain more experience. As far as lyrics, you gotta write from the heart. If partying with your friends is what you want to write about, then that's what you should write about. Anything you're interested in, you'll find other people interested in. So write what you're passionate about, and don't apologize for it.
Keep it simple(nothing wrong with that!)
Write about something u know about, don`t stress, relax
It`s your song so do want u want, if it sounds ok go with it.
Don`t overthink it.
It doesn`t have to be so many words, or lots of chords.
Tell a story,if it`s a short story, all the better to get started.
Rhyme isn`t important,but if you get a couple in your story all well & good.
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The biggest obstacle to writing a song is yourself. Often times when you're beginning you can't get a single song out because you're judging yourself too much. Just sit back fiddle around on your instrument, and write down/record/try to remember the sounds that you like. Eventually you'll have enough material to throw together some music.

A HUUUUUUUUUGE part of songwriting though is being ear trained. If you're ear trained, you would know how to play any thing you hear, as well as anything you hear in your head. That way you could imagine the music you want to write and immediately know how to play it.

If you're interested in ear training, check out my new youtube channel on ear training. I'm adding new videos all of the time and plan to expose you to every sound that you could possibly hear in music. Please check it out!