Hello, all! I play on 13s, because I like thick strings. Its all Ive ever played on, Ive never tried another size, not even when I was learning, because none other were available until after I got good on 13s. I have recently noticed that, after having my current strings for a month, the two highest pitched strings have these cuts in them. Like, over every metal fret, the string is sawed part of the way through, over every single fret. But the frets are completely smooth. And its over almost every one. The only thing I can think of that could do it is the friction of my bends and vibrato, but thats ridiculous. I know I can be heavy handed, but there is no way I am literally cutting through 13s with vibrato. Does anyone know why this is happening? Thank you so much!
If your frets are truly smooth (and rounded/crowned, rather than flat-topped), you shouldn't be seeing that much friction. You're likely VERY heavy handed?
The strings will flatten over the frets but not get cut or sawn. Sounds like you're keeping them for too long before replacing them.