Hey guys! I am in need of a solution. I just purchased a new pair of strings (Ernie Ball Regular Slinky's) and I am trying to set them up. I have setup strings before on my acoustics but this is my first time doing electric. The problem is when I setup the string, perfectly winded and everything, the string pitch is higher than it should be. I've tried all strings and they all do the exact same thing. I highly doubt it's the strings, I think it is the guitar. Maybe intonation? I have looked everywhere and I don't know what seems to be the issue. Please help!
What you could check is the bridge saddles. When you tune your guitar, check the note you get when you fret it on the 12th fret, it should be the same. If you tune it in E standard, and your E string is correctly tuned, when you fret it on the 12th string, the tuner should return an E note. If it's off, you need to adjust the saddles in the bridge, usually by turning a screw. If you don't know how or what, either post pictures or find a luthier
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