Talk about Splatoon and stuff.

Weapons, gear, maps, how your team sucks etc.

I'm currently A- 63

I Main .96 Gal Deco in ranked with the Tenacity, Special Charge Up and the Blue Moto Boots (ofc). I've got some Swim Speed Up and Ink Saver Main as subs, but I have yet to be visited by RNGejus, so no perfect rolls.

I've been messing around with thr Octobrush in Turf Wars lately. And for Splat Zones.

I'd ink that.
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discuss possible reasons why no red or white ink

No red because blood, no white because race wars.

Honestly cell shaded pure white paint is closer to milk than seamen, but there'd also be the seamen jokes. Blackvswhite would just end up checker flag looking, but still gotta prevent it.

There's no brown either.