Thanks for listening to my track.

Nice playing, cool that you done it in one take. Pretty nice tone for rhythm playing as well. I liked the bend part at 2:18
Nice! Some really cool ideas. I think you should work on your timing though. Other than that, nice work!
Sounds like Iron Maiden with Petruci-styled lead lines that help propel the song along. I would rather be a recorded song with bass and a tighter drum track because this is a damn good song. COuld really use some vocals as well! Its a really good jam that flows nicely, great job on this, that one take is pretty epic!

What I like best about this is the riffs with the occasional (short) shred/lick bursts thrown in, I'm not too fond of the longer shred sections but thats a personal preference. As others have said, I imagine this with powerful drums, supported by a gritty kick-ass bass, and your song would totally jam. (If you want to show off those unquestionable skills, put a dedicated solo section in there).
Great stuff.
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First of all, solid playing. Honestly, I don't know enough about this kind of music to be able to tell apart what's good and what's not, but it all sounds nice to me. I don't agree with it needing some powerful drums (although definitely something else than the loop in the background), but I guess that's just a part of the genre. All in all, good job, some very nice themes and licks in there.

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