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Warning: newbie question, please don't spit on me.

Many years ago, when I was like 16, I used to use a software on my PC desktop to do some cool effects with my electric guitar (Epiphone). I'd plug the guitar into the mic input of my computer, and the program would do its magic.

I haven't used these kind of softwares in years, I don't even know what they're called. And now I have a Macbook Pro, which does not have a mic input.

My question is: what is a cool affordable setup where I could plug my electric guitar into my Macbook and do some cool effects with it? What software(s) and hardware(s) would I need?
You need to go to the Recording forum & read the stickies.
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An interface and a DAW.
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Quote by GaryBillington
You need to go to the Recording forum & read the stickies.

Thank you, a lot of good information on that forum. I'm leaning towards to get a BEHRINGER GUITAR LINK UCG102, going to research what my other options are though.
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An interface and a DAW.

DAW is the recording software, right? What does it stand for?
If you have a Mac all you need is a Rocksmith cable and Garage Band. You basically get an entire recording studio for $25.

The Behringer cable will also work, and is compatible with more software. But you can’t play Rocksmith with it.
Digital Audio Wecawding.

Okay, OR it could stand for Digital Audio Workstation.

Or Derelict Anal Wanker.
Or DumbAssWuss