Hey guys,

I'm thinking about potting my pickups today.

I ordered a pair of pickup covers as well.

Should I pot the pickups with the covers on them? It seems like the smart idea, but reading further into it just makes me more confused haha.

Any advice from someone who's done some potting before would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
No, don't pot your pickups with your covers on.

The idea is to get wax into the coils only. You pull the pickups out, drain off the excess wax and then scrape excess off the bobbin covers, exterior bits, etc. Essentially, your potted pickup should look pretty much identical to an unpotted one. Here's Lindy Fralin explaining how to pot your pickups (this is the method I've always used) on the StewMac site:


When you put the covers on, put a dab of silicone on the top of the bobbins just before you solder them on. All you want to do is prevent the tops from vibrating against the bobbin tops.