Early on after I got my guitar I started noticing that most of the time I switched to the neck pickup, I'd get no sound. Usually taking and out re-inserting the guitar cable would do the trick. Not anymore. It's not that I use the neck pickup all that much but still. Right now, nothing will make it work. I removed the controls cover, to pull and and press on wires and connections but still no result. Nothing seems loose as far as I can tell.

So now how do I proceed to test if it's the switch, or some other component or what? Pickups are EMG 81/85.
I had a similar issue with my old 81/60 combo in another guitar. They would both work, or just the bridge would work. Neck would never work by itself. I ended up swapping the switch, and it worked. I rang the switch after that, and it was fine. It may have been a bad solder joint on the switch somewhere.
Try re-soldering to the switch or just replace it entirely.
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Sounds like a bad or dirty switch. Spray it down with good contact cleaner and switch the hell out of it. If that doesn't work bust out the multimeter.
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