A bit heavier than what I usually listen to, but well done! Some parts are a bit discordant for me, though other riffs are pretty cool. Guitar playing is tight. Please review my music at this link (I see you listened to at least one song earlier, check out the other one if you haven't already):

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cant hate on the playing at all, sounds heavy. Just the way i like my metal! The solo is creatively uninhibited. I like when guitarists "color outside the lines" if you will.

Everything fits but IMO the tone could be a little more open. The gutiar tone Sounds just a little claustrophobic and over saturated. A little less gain, but thats just me! I feel the drums could use some breathing room as well.

Just my 2 cents. Otherwise great playing!
Your playing is super solid and indeed huge and heavy. Nice work! The lead tone was wonderful and I felt it sat perfectly in the mix. My only critique is that some of the chord work sounded a tad muddy. That could have been Youtube compression though. But I think maybe a slight reduction in gain or a slight bump in upper mids/low highs on those guitar tracks could have brought out a little more clarity there. I'm talking a VERY mild tweak though. Great job! Here's one of my songs (the only song I've completed so far):

Pestilential Flood
Atmospheric dark metal w/ black and death metal influences:
(My Soundcloud page):

Pestilential Flood
Hey man,

The track is very foreboding in the start and then pretty brutal as it really gets into it. Blast beats and everything, the chug is pretty good, very ****ing metal haha. Your tone is nice, and your solo was quite a nice bit of contrast with the rest of the track. I like it more in the sort of middle bit, branches out and shows your more musical side before going back into showing the br00tal and **** side.

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