Hey everyone, i've been playing guitar for 3-4 years now, with low quality equipment.
A 15 watts DHC-15/F Maxtone and a 150$ Maxtone "Les Paul".

Everytime i've jammed with other people i use borrowed gear, and the guitar sound okay, but everytime i try to jam in my house, the sound is rusty and non-pleasant, so my question is :
¿Is there any tones i need to adjust for it to sound more appealing? Is there something i can do? Or do i need to upgrade my equipment? I am aware that it all depends on my technique and my way of playing, but is there something else i'm missing?

Excuse me for the poor grammar and all that stuff, since English is not my native language,
Thanks UG Community!
There isn't really much I can tell you other than playing around with the EQ on the amp and changing the strings more often since they tend to get dull after a while. A cheap 15 watt amp isn't gonna have great sound quality no matter what you do though.

If you been playing for 3-4 years it's probably time to get a better amp. Upgrading your guitar and or pickups will help get a better tone too.