I recently bought this guitar for a deal. The pickups suck but I really like the guitar. They are V1 and V2 pickups to my knowledge only in this model guitar, anyway Id like to swap em out but a regular humbucker (dimension) i mean will not fit ive tried. Can someone help or suggest, maybe youve been down this road? The height on the current pups are 1 7/16" and length is 3 1/16". Thanks
except for pole spacing the dimensions of humbuckers even the cheapest import chinese ones are the same. The only time i've ever run into problem (i used to buy and sell pickups) is these EMG knock offs on ebay with plastic covers.

use a tone chart and your ears and the right pickup can be the most obscure of brand and still be awesome
The humbuckers in that guitar are not standard size. They're smaller and direct mount so the route will not fit a regular humbucker.

Depending on your budget, your best bet would be to email a pickup maker, probably a smaller one-man shop (just search; there are hundreds) to see if they can either make you a pickup of the right dimensions or re-wind the ones you have. Re-winding is probably a lot more cost effective, and you'd end up with essentially a new pickup that was guaranteed to be the right size. I know Duncan will do this (call their custom shop) but it's rather expensive and you might get a better price from a smaller shop.

Otherwise, I'd look at mini-humbuckers and soapbar P-90s, or maybe even those weird PRS pickups (forget the name, might be some on ebay). I don't think they're the exact same size as the original pickups but they may be close enough to work. Otherwise, you could have the guitar re-routed for regular sized humbuckers, which would give you infinite options.

Re-winding or swapping magnets yourself on the original pickups might be an option too. Magnet swaps are easy but re-winding is a bit of a tall order if you've never done it before.