I recently bought this 3- way switch for a les paul build I am doing. I finished the wood working, wired it up, and dang. The wiring was wrong! I later realized I had purchased an import switch, not an american one. The only question I have before I begin wiring again is if the switch is an import, or Japan import. Thanks!!(Invalid img)
guitarelectronics.com has the right idea for the selector in their diagrams, seymour duncan I never had luck with the way they do it and actually emailed them but they spent more time updating their site.

here is the 3 way blade 0/0 solder together and make them go to the tip (hot lead) portion of your input jack. I like the import ones more myself.

this is 3 way toggles. the box style one wasn't covered but it's the same contact placement.
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Thanks for the helpful info, but all I need to know is if the switch I have is japanese import, or just an import.

take a photo of it and I'll tell you. The cheapest ones are usually green and 7-8 contacts inline. I've seen the ibanez RG350 ones are blue
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take a photo of it and I'll tell you. The cheapest ones are usually green and 7-8 contacts inline. I've seen the ibanez RG350 ones are blue

It is green with 8 inlines.
yeah i see those on ebay directly from china for 1-2$ (us dollar) with free shipping. those are chinese made but I've worked on plenty of guitars with them and never really had any issues with them so it's not terrible as the tone comes from everything else.

what is cool about these is you can ground pickups on the metal housing of the selector. I had to do so on a 27 fret Hamer californian to make my life easier as the switch to volume knob was a few inches away.

this is them

thailand and malasya both sell them too. I can't even recall how many of these are in import guitars I've seen when I used to modify guitars on a daily bases.
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chinese unless the manufactuer says otherwise in a parcel/package.

They are still good. I have seen/used nicer ones but unless you plan to play shows regularly or the guitar never leaves your hand chinese are fine. Say for example an Oaks and Grigsby (USA company fender uses) for example I can see a lot of beginners ruining the contacts on the USA ones where as the chinese ones will last as the entire metal housing is more flexible and all. It's hard to put into words but when I wire up guitars my last concern is the switch and input jack.

all people want/care about usually are CTS pots and sprague orange drop capacitors. Of course bournes, dimarzio, alpha make quality pots and malory to USSR surplus of paper in oil capacitors to other Vishay (Sprague) capacitors exist but poiint being people accentuate most on pots and capacitors.