Ok, so my egnater renegade 2x12 combo has a rather serious problem.

When I activate the effects loop it cuts the sound out.

If the reverb is turned on there will be some sound, very muffled and drenched in reverb...

My local tech tested the tubes, that didn't yeild any results.

Any ideas or tips would be appreciated.
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Have your local tech check the ribbon cable to the FX loop (if there is one) or the internal wiring at the input/output jacks.
what pedals are you using? start from nothing and add them one at a time.
Even running with no pedals it cuts out, once the cable is in the return input the issue starts immediately.
Cream fan club member #11.
Does the problem occur with an effect plugged in. Second, does it happen with just a single cable from the send to return jacks? email if you need a schematic..begnater@aol.com