I primarily have personal experience with metal and jazz stuff. So I know of the awesomeness that is the Roland Jazz Chorus, Fender Twin Reverb, 6505/5150, Dual rect, and the Marshall JCM800. I also have respect for those tube vox amps and orange amps and cabinets.

My question is, as a studio, what should I look into purchasing to have on hand for people to use that will get me the farthest, as far as versatility goes? If i had to pick 4 amplifiers, what should they be?

I am a guitarist, so I will definitely go check the amps you guys recommend out to see how they work and what not, but my opinion may differ from that of the masses, and I kinda need something to satisfy the opinion of the masses in order to record music other than the local metal bands with no money.

Also, I do understand that good amps are expensive, but if there are cheaper versions that can get a good sound in the studio, like the vox ac15 as opposed tot he ac30, could you please list those instead? Are old used tube amps worth it compared to brand new? In looking at prices, the biggest damages look like they will be coming from the Marshall and Fender amps...
Are you operating your studio as a business? If so I recommend having a Brit and a USA amp on hand and let players bring their own for the rest. A Fender Champ and a Marshall Class 5 will do. Stocking the room with a bunch of cool amps will feed your ego but will not bring in high $$ clients. The trick in this day and age is having really well developed recording chops by working with the best in the biz and getting credits on successful recordings. The best way to make a small fortune with a recording studio business these days is to start with a large fortune.
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My question is, as a studio, what should I look into purchasing to have on hand for people to use that will get me the farthest, as far as versatility goes? If i had to pick 4 amplifiers, what should they be?
If I had a studio I'd rather get more high quality outboard gear or plugins than guitar amps.
Or better acoustic treatment.
Or better mics.

If I had to choose amps I'd go for
-a blackface bassman or a twin reverb
-an SLO
-a royal atlantic or a JCM800
-an herbert

Cheap options instead
-blackheart BH5 upgraded for 6v6's
-an SLO clone
-a transatlantic TA-30
-a 6505+
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It depends first on the music you're recording. If your business is mainly blues, it doesn't make sense to buy high gain and the other way around.

From experience, I'd have to say that the most sought after sounds are:
Fender cleans
AC30 crunch
Marshall gain
Mesa gain
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For something a little different and more versatility down the road, why not look into a Kemper Profiler, Axe FX or Line 6 Helix. With any of those modellers you should be able to cover off any sound your potential clients could be after.
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Thanks for the info guys. The reason I want to have my own amps is because a lot of the people I record are just people I go find at random performances. I usually only talk to the ones that I think are good, but even then may not have very good amps, unless you guys think it's not a big deal to record someone's line 6. I've been torn apart a few times on this site for recording my vypyr, with people telling me to just use amp Sims instead... Which is exactly what I've been doing.

People just don't think it's "legit" when I tell them to plug into my di instead of an amp. I love amp modelling, and would really be into getting an axe fx, even if it's just for myself, but not everyone is into that. I've considered pretending to Mic their amp before, but lying isn't cool. I would rather just have a 6505 and tell them to use it instead of their own amp, which is more acceptable to most people than saying "oh I'm gonna use a 5150 plugin".

Also probably worth noting that I work at guitar center, so price is a little less painful, although the discount is actually less significant on higher ticket items. Ll
axe fx with a power tube rack into some v30s would be the best bang for your buck. you'd just have to get really good with it because it has so many amps and effects.

that would run you like $5k+ though lol
I'd be one of the studio guys that will tell you to go away from modeling.
Personally, I've used pretty much all the modelers out there and they fall short.
Look at resell prices on the Axe fx and others in two years and they'll be outdated and people will laugh if you plug them into the older stuff at the studio.
Much better to get a Marshall DSL100 (the Brit made, not Chino), maybe some small lunch box amps if you don't want full stacks, like V3m, Mesa Mini, 5:50, Vox AC30 (Brit made), Orange Tiny Terror, Fender tube blues amps, maybe an Engl.

Some of the studio mainstays where I've worked are Sansamp PSA-1 and Mesa Triaxis, both all analog part, the Mesa being a tube preamp. You can bus these to tube power amp and essentially knock a lot of the great high gain sounds.

The local studios that are successful have some esoteric tube pres, a lot off high end vintage mics, and vintage amps for hire. Look up the list at sugar hill studios.com for an example.
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Jesus the axe fx is great and all but it is not worth it when I could just buy 4 amps and a nice cabinet for the price of the axe fx, power amp, and cabinet. After Googling this very question and asking it here, the amps that always seem to come up are The Vox AC30(but is the AC15 good enough for studio?) and the Twin Reverb. Then its always a tossup between the dual rect and the 5150, and a toss up between the marshall jcm800 and various random boutique amps that ive never heard of.

So then i guess the questions now are.

Mesa or Peavey


Marshall or a Boutique amp?


What boutique amps should i look in to besides the ones diabolical mentioned? ("V3m, Mesa Mini, 5:50, Vox AC30 (Brit made), Orange Tiny Terror, Fender tube blues amps, maybe an Engl.")
The Peavey I imagine meaning 5150 or one of its other incarnations, the 6505 is pretty much one trick thrash/metalcore machine. Not very versatile. Also make sure you buy the USA made as the newer Chinese have tone loss and fx loop issues as they cheapened the product.
So with that in mind I'd say go Mesa as it can cover more ground.
AC30 over AC15, especially if you can get the Brit made.
I didn't mention any boutique amps, if you want to look at boutique check Diesel Herbert, Fryette Sig X for high gain, Matchless Chieftain for clean/blues. Rivera and Soldano will also get you noticed. There's also Laney - look at their 100 watt heads, and Traynor does a great JCM800 knockoff with the YCV.
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