This came down to three reasons I wanted to do this besides the fact this has an uncommon pickup configuration and it's got 27 fret (I've got a 29)

The pickups weren't bad and were 4 wire, the fact it's made of mahogany for the body and it's neckthrough were my reasons to do this. Otherwise I'd keep the extra components for another day.

Firstly I copper shielded the guitar. I had half a roll left from re-wiring a BC Rich. As we know copper shielding removes EMI. If you don't solder a ground from pickup cavities it's a waste. Do this on passive guitars only. Humbuckers to lipstick pickups. Yep that means you can do this to your stock squier single coils too! A 10 foot roll is under 5$ us dollar so why not if you plan to drop some CTS pots and sprague capacitors in.

Afterwards I cleaned and de-soldered all the electronics using fresh wires and starting from scratch. A harness this complex usually starts on my desk in a template.

the final wiring
one volume
one tone (push pull to split coils)
3 way blade

my final wiring
one volume
one fender greasebucket (bass cut, i hate regular tone knobs)
3 way blade
plus the push pulls do 4 tones per pickup selection. It's illustrated in the diagram

it's overkill for the wiring and takes forever but totally worth it as I have always liked LTD/ESP guitars. My biggest tip have lots of heat shrink tubing laying around you've got to be a bit creative when doing this. A few wires this becomes super easy making "Y" looking wires. The fender greasebucket is like a tone knob. It cuts bass instead of treble so more for the metal player. It tightens the lows, adds clarity, retains the resonant peak better (or so some other forum said) and costs next to nothing to do. It's just the hassle of getting the resistors and capacitors if you're not an online shopper. Plenty of places can supply them and it's not a hard mod to do.

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