This is the link to the tab and i cant possibly figure it out! I know the basics about what strings are those and the numbers are respective frets to press! I cant understand it! I wanna know all the detailes about it! I found the tab from this video's description. I wanna start playinh this tune asap


Thanks in advance!!
Oh I recognized that intro when it played and knew it was from an anime. NHK. I watched that a few months ago

/ means you are sliding towards the higher notes on your guitar. So you play fret no. 8 on the B string and then slide your finger to fret 10 without lifting your finger.
\ means sliding back to the lower notes. Like 10\6 means you play the 10th fret and slide back to the 6th fret.

There doesn't seem to be more to explain here as he is only using slides and not other techniques. Any questions?
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