Nearly everything by Nick Drake, John Martyn, Paul Brady, Mumford and Sons, Black Sabbath, Skip James, Rolling Stones.

Lots of Led Zeppelin eg. Bron Y Aur Stomp in DAGDAD, Velvet Underground

Lots of math rock eg. TTNG, Giraffes? Giraffes!

All the folk stuff.

Countless rock bands play in non-E standard and in drop tunings.

What connects all these musicians? Nothing.
The only ones I can think of right now are Zeppelin songs. Kashmir is in DADGAD and The Rain Song is in DGCGCD. The rain song is a fun one but I never play it because of the weird tuning. I think there are a couple more by them in alternate tunings, but I can't remember.
Soundgarden used BEBEBE tuning in The Day I Tried to Live.


Paul Gilbert used EEE tuning in some songs (when using that tuning, his guitar only has three strings).



Well, the Paul Gilbert stuff is of course not that popular.
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Are we excluding standard Eb, D, etc.? Because there are a lot of those... Also drop tuning stuff.
I won't back down by tom petty is open g I think.Soundgarden as mention before has loads of weird tunings mostly because Chris Cornell has such a wide vocal range.Stacked actors by the foo fighters has a weird tuning too which I can't remember at the moment.
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Lots of Black Crowes rhythm stuff

Sting Me is one that comes to mind, Train Makes a Lonely Sound, tons of their stuff
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