Hello Guys! It's my first post here so sorry if it's in the wrong subforum or something. Feel free to move!

So I'm building myself a Les Paul and I'm at the point where I have to decide which PUs I gonna use. I've read the sticky and came to the decision that a SD SAPH-2N Slash Alnico II Pro in the neck and a Gibson 57' Classic Plus at the bridge would be a great idea, as I am aiming for a rock sound from the 70s ( Eagles, Toto, etc ) but also won't miss the dirty part ( therefore Slash's).

Would you guys say it's a good combination to go or am I on the complete wrong way?
Would be nice to get a short feedback!

You will probably get more responses in GG&A. I'll go ahead and bite though...what amp are you playing through?
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Your choices are ok at best, go sd seth lover for great on point tone or Pearly gates for the dirty stuff and you'll thank me later
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The Slash pickups aren't all that "dirty" really. They are actually medium output humbuckers if I remember right. I'd suggest looking at the SH-4 / SH-2 combo Seymour Duncan sells, I personally like that combination. Or maybe a Seth Lover and Pearly Gates as suggested earlier.
I have a fairly hot (9.2 Kohm) '57 in the bridge of one of my guitars. Great for "soaring" leads.

You should probably check out the Suhr Aldrich bridge pickup and maybe the Carvin M22SD. I have Tom Anderson pickups in another guitar that are near perfect (for that guitar). All good.
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gibson pickups are borderline terrible.

I have a hard time with baseless blanket statements like this.

I have some truly boring Gibson pickups and some truly spectacular Gibson pickups.
I have some vintage P90s that are excellent, a couple of late '50's PAFs that are very nice, some REALLY nice whatever they ares on a 12-string and a 6-string pair of '67 ES-335s. The hot unpotted '57 I mentioned above is excellent, and the pickups on my old LS6 (designed by Bill Lawrence, potted in epoxy and sporting a really interesting and different magnet assembly with no visible pole pieces) are stellar. I can pretty much guarantee you've never tried a set. I have a set of low impedance oval-shaped pickups on a fairly new L5S acquisition, and whatever my late '70's L5S has on there are really good. And I have an original set of Dirty Fingers that are NOT anything like the current pickups bearing the same name.

There's really good stuff, and there's some not-so-good stuff out there with the Gibson name on it. But there have been so MANY different Gibson pickups built over the last 65 years or so that typifying all of them as "borderline terrible" is stretching it just a bit.
I've informed myself again because of you guys and would get myself a Pearly Gates and the SD Alnico 2 Pro Slash for my LP.
Thanks for the answers btw !
Would you recommend me this updated setup?
Both the Slash Alnico IIs and the Pearly Gates sound amazing in a Les Paul and will absolutely get you the sounds you are looking for. They are a little higher output than vintage pickups, but they keep all of the dynamics in tact, and don't compress the signal like higher output pickups do.
Thanks for that answer Mincer. I really feel like I've made a good choice. Thanks people !
I had a suhr Aldrich in my gold top LP at the bridge and it was an amazing pickup. Highly recommended.
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I had a suhr Aldrich in my gold top LP at the bridge and it was an amazing pickup. Highly recommended.

SD and DiMarzio have the shelves at Guitar Denter, so a lot of folks think that's all there is to choose from.

I don't know that I'd recommend the neck pickup that Suhr puts out to go with it, but the Suhr Aldrich bridge pickup is really special.