So old dady digs was disecting a cup of steel cut oats and thought, say, sour sal, check that old girl out, rastafari ragu with headcheese goo, that irish fire , burlap seed bags clothing skinny you, growing poppy pods for balls and a deep purple ramen stamen . tryin to phone stalin but he like elton quit stalling i know you want me balls deep in a poker match chicken coop with a raging case of genital discomfort. visual distortion. and premature abortions of great fortune! gold placenta powdered pancake mix, homemade . dya dig? #frizzlefrazzle #fantasmalrazmataz #infinitality
My name is caitlyn not bruce! political correctness come on man its 2015 #giraffelivesmatter
The only appropriate response to this is the pear, and since I'm guessing that's still an offence, I'm at a lost for words.
A penny for my thoughts?

A bargain I say!

I'll give you a dollar

Take them all away...
nah the 'LOLWUT' posts aren't accurate when you look at his thread creation history.

if this were a thread with concise clear language, it would be LOLWUT
will someone carry me across ten thousand miles under the silence