Hello, I have a question that I am hoping someone will be able to help me with. Recently I have noticed that the 3rd fret of the little e string on my Epiphone Les Paul Standard is hardly making any sound at all. This isn't just your ordinary string buzz; when I play that particular fret it hardly makes any sound except for a small muted buzzing noise. All of the other frets are perfectly fine. I have had problems with string buzz before because of using a new gauge of strings and/or the action being too low, but I have never encountered a problem like this and I fear it may be a problem with the guitar itself. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
The fourth fret probably needs to be filed down. Take it to a good guitar shop (NOT GUITAR CENTER).
Thank you both for the advice. I will look be looking for a good guitar shop in the area to see if they can help me with this problem as I am afraid of damaging the guitar if I try to work on it myself. Unfortunately, since 2 Guitar Centers have recently opened up in my area, I only know of a couple good shops left and I'm not 100% sure if they are even still in business. I will be looking around, though. Again, thank you very much
Search Yelp for guitar techs and luthiers. Also see if your town has a subreddit and post there. You could also contact Fender and Gibson to see who does their warranty service in your area.
I agree it sounds like a high fret.

Get something straight, even a credit card might work, and see if it rocks back and forth sitting on top of only 3 frets, with the 4th fret in the middle. It needs to be long enough to cover only 3 frets, with the problem (4th) fret in the middle. Think cheap fret rocker...if the middle fret is high it will rock back and forth, if not it will sit flat on all 3 frets without moving around.

If the 4th fret is high, first thing to do is get a wooden dowel about 3 to 6 inches long, (length is not critical but you don't want to bash your fingers) put it on top of the high fret and tap it with a hammer. No need to beat it to death, you're not driving a 16 penny nail. Just a light tap or 3. The fret slot should be tight enough to hold it without any glue, sometimes they work loose or are not well seated from the factory. Use only a wooden dowel, not metal, and tap lightly. A small hammer would be better.

If that doesn't work, it will need to be filed. Take it to a good tech for that.
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