Before I sit down and get to work on transcribing Stephanie by Buckingham and Nicks, does anyone have the tab written in open E? That's the key it's written an delayed in.
Right! I've worked out the first part last night. Will write out the tab over the weekend. I'll crackdown and work out the rest if the song over the weekend too. I'll post a video of how to play it on my YouTube channel at Philiprreeves
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Song now completed and it's bang on the button. It's what he plays live. I've uploaded it to my YouTube channel for you to check out. Please subscribe
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I've just uploaded a short video of the tab as ran out if time to do a lesson. Have a watch and let me know what you think. If you like I will forward it to you in pdfwor gp6 format. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel if you can. Everything I do is for fun and is free. I'm not master just like to play and have a laugh making videos too. I've some a few videos now.
Watch "Stephanie - Lindsey Buckingham live Lesson" on YouTube