After working on this song for like 2-3 months. Finally got it done. If you have the patience to listen, I highly appreciate it!

Its influenced by various prog bands, Nobuo uematsu and even the late James Horner (R.I.P) as well as other assorted genres.

I wont bore you with details! You judge for yourself!


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Hey dude,

typing as I listen lol

The track beginning is very nice and sultry. The guitars mimic the piano beginning, which compositionally is a very good thing to do. I would say though, do your best to make it as tidy as possible, rhythmically especially. The twin guitars were a little bit messy and it distracts from the mood youre conjuring. If you wanna have a listener into it for 15 minutes, you got keep that mood for as long as you can. Recurring motifs in the track keep interest, which is very good. the mix isnt too bad btw, the main thing I can say needs some slight work is just tidiness, you wanna really polish it up.

The chug bits are quite cool, they are the tightest I think in the track and sounds nice and aggressive. At 5:25 or so, the leads over the top, the rhythm needs to be exact in a bit like this so be careful!! Otherwise nice effect there. The small clean break soon after sounds cool, you should extend it! Clean guitars can work great as a build to the next br00tal bit. The reprise of the original motif is good. I like the return to piano in the middle as well.

YES A CLEAN BIT, I LIKE IT. Nice break, really, it works very well. The drums add to it very well. I would say though, the solo guitar should be like a bluesy tone, but that might be just my opinion. Or even, have another instrument take up the solo, just to have that variation. The soloing itself is quite nice. The small bit at like 9:12 reminds me a bit of Plini. The lead back into the distorted bit is unfortunately not really that powerful. I think the build would be more effective if there was maybe a bigger drum fill up to it, or some subtler guitar before it that suddenly got huge? You really want that build to punch your listener between the ears. Again, nice chuggy bits. The rest of the track stays kinda the same until the ending sequence. Its good, nice soloing and chug alteration, though textural variation might come in handy. The outro is nice, works well as like a cyclic thing with the intro.

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