Will Tightening the Bass Drum Head Allow You to Play Faster?

Hello all. So the other day I was thinking that if your bass drum head is loose then the beater would probably have a slower response when recoiling off the bass drum head. So my question to all of you is if you tighten the bass drum head would it allow you play faster? I was trying to think of ways to get faster on the double bass pedal, but I suppose it might make you faster on a single pedal as well. Does anyone else tighten the bass drum head in order to play faster, or is this a bad idea? Thank you for your input
The only thing to do is to practise to get to the fast level you want. The gear means a lot less but it should of course handle the speed.

You can get stuff that says make you faster but really practise is the key and to get the habit replaced with a faster one.

Meaning take a RLRL roll. What is you top speed a that? 140 bpm? No idea?

This can be for hands and feet.

I practise to a metronome and that is the key to build drum skills fast and steady!

As for my bass drum skins the tension on both are 45 on my Tama watch for all 4 skins. It sounds great so that is where it currently stays and I only seldom touch it.
The short answer is no. The longer answer is that head tension has significantly less impact on rebound than the spring on your pedal. Do you tighten your toms to improve rebound? While there may be some amount of increase in rebound, it will not be enough to improve your speed if your technique is wrong? I would recommend working on the heel-toe or constant release method to increase your speed. I will say that I am not a fan of the start slow method. You use different muscles at faster speeds so play beyond your capabilities while really focusing on technique. You will be amazed at how quickly you can build up speed.
Thank you both for the responses. Of course, as someone who plays several different instruments, I realize that there is no substitute for practice. I just got my first double bass pedal a couple months ago and at first I was practicing like crazy, to the point where I was having trouble walking as if I just did some calf exercises or something. However, I haven't been practicing as much lately on the double bass pedal as I felt that I was focusing too much on the double bass and some of my other skills were deteriorating. Ironically enough, when I went back to the double bass pedal after taking a break from it a while, I found that my leg muscles were much stronger and I could play a lot faster and more steady. Perhaps it's like bodybuilding, resting is just as important as the exercising so that you can give your muscles time to rebuild and come back even stronger. Anyways, while I realize it is no substitute for practice, tightening the bass drum head was just an idea I had to give me the upper hand a bit, but apparently it was a bad idea. Thank you very much again for your responses